Connecting Customers to VDPs.

By directly linking each QR to the vehicle’s VDP we let your shoppers access vehicle details, up-to-date pricing and all available incentives – maximizing the opportunity to turn shoppers into buyers!

QR2VDP does not replace your digital marketing, but extends it to enhance your on-lot presence.

Our QR-based customer engagement solution automatically updates inventory for easy onboarding of QR Codes to your vehicles using our iOS and Android apps.

The QR2VDP system is easy to use:

They can be read with the camera on a phone.

Virtually everyone is familiar with them and knows how to use them.

Simply point-scan-click will get customers the information they desire.

Our QR stickers can be customized to represent your branding, your messaging.


What dealers are saying about us:

Inventory Director, ONE Automotive Group

"We've been happy with our experience using goIDit. They always answer any questions we have right away, and it's been simple to assign cars, amongst multiple stores and locations. 

Marketing Manager, Walser Automotive Group

“Working with goIDit has been extremely easy. One of the things I appreciate most is their responsiveness to requests. They’re always willing to help and you can feel that right when you start working with them"

Content Creator/Marketing Specialist, Penz Automotive Group

“goIDit team has been an exceptional partner from day one. They've gone above and beyond for us in every aspect. From their prompt responses to the detailed, step-by-step explanations of the process, they've showcased true professionalism and dedication. "


Dealer Principal, Bob Ruth Ford

“goIDit gives us the ability to serve our customers in an efficient way 24/7 without compromising the level of service they expect from us.”

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